Time Goes POOF!

We are now into full time dad mode. Lil Oak is a handful at times, but she is amazing. I wish she would sleep a bit better, because I miss sleep oh so much!

I am still stuck in the mobile gaming life. My park walking and random trips involve that Pokemon Go. Our Clash of Clans clan Sky High is beasting through clan games. We could use some more members though, so join us! With the clan wars added to Clash Royale I’ve been playing that a lot more lately. I am kinda at a point where I need insane amount of gold to have any more progress, so kind of falling off in playing at the same time. Any “real” games have not been played in a long time. I hope to find some time to get some gaming in, but there is a lot of work to be done in so many other areas. I miss the days of 8+ hour gaming sessions.

Our beer brewing has been going awesome. Bru-Tang Brewing has all sorts of beers incoming, and entering in competitions. We also added a bunch of stickers to our store front, so go and support us!

Time is just a flying by.. so see you when I see you!

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  • May 23, 2018 at 10:36 pm

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