Words on Words

So, I’ve been slacking on the website updates. Just to fill those people in who are not in the know, here’s an update and links to things.. I am currently working a full time contract (40-45 hours a week). I work on my own projects (like the WebApp version of Random Smite God Wheel) in the mornings and nights during the weekdays, and any weekend times I can fill. I am trying to take Bru-Tang Brewing from homebrew level up to a nano-brewery (and we just won a contest with one of our beers, and won one for a label of ours). I am going to be a dad (lots of preparing to do still). Then there are just normal things like sleeping, food, and such filling in the rest of my time.

I have not been doing much gaming at all. I still play my Pokemon GO while I walk my doggo slash exercise. I play some Clash of Clans daily (and you can join Sky High if we have spots, we war constantly). I play a smidgen of Clash Royale (hardly at all). I play just enough Hearthstone to get the monthly card back. I have started doing some AFK skilling on Old School Runescape (yeah, talk about throw back!) – this is mostly just clicking a spot every so often, not sure if I can dedicate much time to this game. I have played zero Smite and Paladins (still having computer issues for gaming that I need to address).

I want to dedicate more time to my projects, but I can only do so much and keep myself sane. So please be patient, and use the wheel for now on the Smite thing. I hope to give you guys more content, and all that as much I can.

Delays for Work

Well I meant to have the new webapp out early this month. There are a few hurdles that have caused delays. First is that I am trying to figure out the best host for my web services. I am thinking about going with Amazon Web Services, but might go with Microsoft Azure. I am worried about server costs for something that will only make money off of advertisements, so I need to research this piece more. Also to cause delays are that I picked up a contract for my company. This is a 40 hour a week commitment, and it has caused me to have to back burner that project for a bit. I hope to get in some work on the weekends and after my 8am to 5pm work during the week. I hope that the current Random Smite God Wheel can keep you guys happy for now!

Random Smite God Wheel WebApp Alpha Testers

I am looking for some alpha testers for the Random Smite God Wheel WebApp I’ve been working on these past months. This is currently only for the web version of the application (the Android and iOS native applications will be released down the road after initial bugs are worked out). Keep in mind that this is in alpha state, and will have bugs. In order to make the released version the best it can be, I need people to help me find any issues. There will be a form to submit any bugs from within the WebApp itself.

I need people to try the randomizer from various browsers and on various devices. To make sure I have lots of scenarios covered, please include the following information in your application to become a tester. I want to get a variety of devices (new and old) in order to make sure things are running smoothly for everyone. I am limited in devices I can use for hands on testing, so I need you guys to help me cover a wider range.

Send an email to tester@masteromok.com with “Alpha Tester” as the subject, and the following message body filled out:

Operating System (Windows 10, Windows 7, MacOSX, etc):
Main Browser (Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Safari, Other):
Devices Available (Samsung S8, iPhone 8, iPad Mini 4, etc):

I will start sending the alpha invites in early October, so get those application in now!

Lacking in the Gaming

Well I haven’t played Smite in weeks. I installed the Windows Creator Update, and it killed all my PC games. I get a weird movement skipping that I cannot seem to fix. I’ve updated all my drivers, various optimization things, and read a bunch of articles.. Nothing seems to be able to fix my issues! My skipping is even noticeable to other players, and some say I am “Speed Hacking” – yet all I have done is update my computer.. So no Smite until I can figure that issue out.

I installed Paladins because my cousin told me to check it out. It seems like a fun game, but having the same skipping issue as all the other games. I watched some of the professionals playing and it makes me sad I cannot play this game.

I’ve mostly just been doing my daily mobile gaming of Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans. The PoGo is a great filler when I am out and about, plus helps keep my exercise time more enjoyable. The clash is mainly while I watch some shows. We recently got out clan to level 10!

Hopefully I can figure out the computer issues!