Vote for my Home Brew Label!

Please take less than a minute of your time to vote for my home brew label. No registration is needed, and all you have to do is click a box! Visit the 2017 Homebrew Label Awards and click the box under “The Hop Healer” image. My buddies and I brew beer as Bru-Tang Brewing (just home brew for now, but looking to get into distribution as soon as we have the funds and paperwork). The prizes would help us brew some more batches of beer! Plus it would be so awesome if we win!

Artio on the Wheel

It’s a bit early, but I added Artio – The Bear Goddess – to the Random Smite God Wheel. There are 90 gods on there now, so it is getting a bit crowded. I am hoping I can get the new randomizer out here as soon as possible! Lots of work on the plate, and the one that pays the bills comes first.

+Added Artio to wheel
+Added Artio Default Card
+Added Artio Den Mother Card

Artio Artio

Cat Loves Doggo

Random quick little update on things.. I have the legal documents for using some code from other projects into the new version of the Random Smite God Wheel – so expect that alpha to be out here soon-ish (I hate the word soon, but soon!).

Pet update – the Sue Cat and the Eevee Doggo are starting to like each other more. So check out the Instagram feed or my Twitter for more pictures of these two. I take WAY more than I post, so you’ll only see the really good ones.

I have also added my Untappd to the about page. So if you like craft beer and do that Untappd thing then add me on there! I like to see what others think of beers, and helps me find some new ones to try.

Moved To a New City..

Sorry for lack of response to comments and updates. I have recently moved to a new city, and that has been a whole process. My girlfriend Trisha and I are almost all unpacked – but there are still some boxes sitting around.

I will be spending some dedicated time to the Smite web slash phone application version of the Random Smite God Wheel. I know you’ve all been wanting that for a long time now.

I am also thinking of using this as a real blog again. Posting random stuff that is on my mind, video games I am playing, random videos I’ve watched.. Basically anything! Feel free to leave some comments, I try to respond to all of them.