Filter by Pantheon!

One of the biggest features you guys wanted on the Random Smite God Wheel is to be able to filter by pantheon. This is already a feature in the alpha build of the new randomizer – but that’s not quite ready for the public yet.

Since it keeps popping up in the comments – I’ve taken the time to update the wheel with these filters: Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse, and Roman.


Tag Us in Your Photos!

A group of us will be running around the Cincinnati Comic Expo on Saturday and Sunday. I am handing out my “MASTEROMOK DOT COM” wristbands to let people find our information for tagging photos.

If you took a photo with one of us, please tag us on whatever social platform you are posting! Or please post your photo links in the comments so we can find the photos!


Kinzey Lynn