Building Phase..

I realize not too many people will be visiting this page for now. Eventually this site will have good flow of viewers again, but I don’t suspect I will reach that until Halo 4 is released. Until then, I am going to be building up my website in preparation. I am going to be purchasing an HD-PVR so I can start recording my games again. I also need to purchase a new wireless adapter for my Xbox (Currently I have to run a huge cord to my xbox, so you will actually see me online more). I also have some other things on the “To-Do” list. One of the big ones is a looking back video, where I will go back looking at my Halo history showing some random clips and discussing them. I also want to start recording more footage, and getting my YouTube presence larger. I hope to find a way to put my old montages on YouTube without risking Copyright marks. This will either require getting permissions for all my songs I used, or figuring out some other way around this issue. Anyways, I have a lot of ideas to make this big again – only time will tell!

Lost and Found: Old Halo Content

I’ve been searching through my many storage devices, and found some of the old Halo content from back in the day. There is a TON of it – I am talking ridiculous amounts, but a lot of it is not worth re-posting. I am going to go through it in random bursts, and release it back onto the web over time. Keep in mind I was a lot younger when these were recorded – so some of the editing, quality, and so forth is not to my current standards.

Of all the old content, I’ve been asked the most about my Halo 2 montages. I thought that it would be best to release those first, and slowly roll out my glitching videos over time. Check those out now in the “Old Halo Content” section!

The Space Monkies – #GraySky

Some of my good friends put together a mixtape for 4/20, and released it on DatPiff. There are 14 great tracks, and each one of them is a smoking song. Give the whole thing a listen through, roll one up, leave comments, and a rating.

Also, I’m mentioned a few times in the mixtape. In track 7 “HI LIFE” I am in the first verse. I also am in the hook for track 14 “Space Monkie Shit” so listen close! Enough of that, on with the music!

Bringing Back

I decided it was time to bring back, but with a new feel. I will be using WordPress for ease of use and all the plugin features. I plan on the website being more of my personal site, rather than just gaming (mind you gaming will still be present in large, just expect a nice mix of stuff). I like to get involved in a lot of projects so you may see some random videos, musical pieces, poetry, creations.. basically anything I feel like posting or talking about. This is a quick look into the life of Nicholas Komosinski aka Komo aka MasterOmok.