Halo 2 Montages on YouTube!

I’ve had some people from the past stumble upon my old montages. It seems you guys want more blasts from the past, and have been asking for my old glitching videos as well. So as a gift to you, I will be uploading all of my old glitching videos to a new YouTube playlist: MasterOmok’s Halo 2 Glitching Archive. Or you can venture to the new page and enjoy … Read more

Happy Halloween!

Well it is Halloween and it is one of my favorite times of the year. People get to dress up in costumes, go eat a bunch of candy, and party hard! I went all out this year and had four costumes. Since this is more of my blog, instead of just a gaming site now, I will show you my array of costumes. I was a Jester for this … Read more

MasterOmok vs Holy Wars – Episode 1

The new series is tentatively called “MasterOmok vs Holy Wars” – If you have suggestions for a new title, please post in the comments below! We are thinking about doing more than just f2p pking if I decide to get membership again. It could be some bossing, slayer, p2p pking, or other randomness. Mind you that’s if I feel like membership would be worth the extra money again.. Anyways … Read more

Random RuneScape Moments #12 & #13

Here are a few episodes of Random RuneScape Moments for you. Episode 12 has some clips from my pure “I Am Omok” for your enjoyment. Episode 13 is showing why we need a PJ timer already. A new series is in the works – “MasterOmok vs Holy Wars” – It is going to be some f2p battling between the two of us, with live commentary. The first episode should … Read more

Random RuneScape Moment #11 – “Way too Corrupt”

Have some corrupt clips here for you, sorry about the commentating haha. Episode twelve will be up on the 17th, and episode 13 is in the works. I am trying to get some variety for you guys, but I can only do so much on free to play. I am thinking about using my two week trial on “I Am Omok” and maybe get some p2p clips, but I … Read more