MasterOmok vs Holy Wars – Episode 2

We were trying to get more fights in before the EoC happened on the 20th, but world 57 went offline after we had a few fights. It locked our characters as still logged into the game, and we weren’t able to get some extra fights in. Enjoy the few clips and some shenanigans of the pre-EoC.. Next episode will be some EoC battles most likely, so stay tuned!

Random RuneScape Moments #16 – “The End of I Am Omok?”

This is probably the end of “I Am Omok” as I cannot use any of his equipment without a decent bit of leveling. I also am not sure how much RuneScape will be played since I am trying to get back into the Halo grind. Check out some of the last K/O’s from my account, I may do a few more since it is the last time I will … Read more

Halo 4, Halo 4, Halo 4.. Enough said!

So for those who didn’t know already, my Xbox came in on Friday. I have only played a handful of games, but slowly relearning my old ways. It is kind of a weird transition into Halo 4 from CoD:MW3. It seemed so sluggish at first, but I slowly am adapting back into the game. I will be purchasing an HD-PVR here soon, just trying to do some more research … Read more

Random RuneScape Moments #15 – “Fire Staff Combo??”

Well my Xbox 360 and Halo 4 should be here any moment today. It has been roaming around on the UPS truck, and I cannot wait for it to come in! Here is a little Random RuneScape Moments for you though, some quick information, and a few kills from last night. I hope you enjoy, and get ready for Halo 4 content very soon!