Kontrol Freek Ultras!

I finally ordered some KontrolFreeks because I keep seeing the big Call of Duty YouTubers endorsing them. I use GelTabz, but they are not cutting it anymore. I used to run them way back in the day, found an old pair, and they keep slipping off. I am hoping that these FPS Freek Ultras work a lot better (they are taller and better quality than the GelTabz by far). … Read more

Official Public Twitter for Me!

I have had my personal twitter @MasterOmok for some time, but I only allow certain people follow that. I made one for anyone who wants to be able to contact me, see when I am going to be gaming, or just have a look into my gaming mind other than the postings on here. Give @MasterOmok_com a follow Link is here: http://twitter.com/MasterOmok_com/

Ghosts Squad Assault is legit!

Well Ghosts is both fun and frustrating. I have already unlocked a six mam squad, and ran them in Squad assault a bit. It’s kind of fun doing one on one with AI. I’ve been enjoying hard core kill confirmed the most so far. I’m having a hard time getting high streaks though. I really need to get an elgato to start recording my game play though!