Prestige 4

Well I’ve made it to Prestige 4 on Ghosts. I keep trying to do Operations for patches, but I think it is slowing down my XP gains. I might try to grind out my quickest prestige on my 7th, since it is still level one. I will have the squadmember all decked out and just grind as quick as I can. I also am at three golden guns. I … Read more

Prestige 3 Down!

Shaved another hour off of my prestige time. Hope to get it even faster on the next one. I am going to focus on Operations, and see how I can switch up my support for getting more points. Night owl and Squad mate are ridiculous in Hardcore domination, I never know what to do with my other streak though. I have switched between ammo crate, ground jammer, air support, … Read more

Broke Top 1000 rank HC Dom, and Clueless..

Well I was able to get the Clueless Operation at a big cost to my kill death ratio haha. I think I added a good 500 deaths to get those 200 kills! But I am so much better after doing that challenge, it makes you play completely different. Also, I was able to break top 1000 rank for Hardcore Domination! This will probably be short lived as it is … Read more

Xbox 360 SquidGrip Giveaway! Three ways to enter!

Do you have a naked controller?.. Do you suffer from sweaty hands?.. Well here’s your chance to change that by entering to win a free Xbox 360 SquidGrip! Each of the following becomes a separate entry into the drawing: 1. Retweet this tweet and follow @MasterOmok_com on Twitter. 2. Comment on the video and subscribe to MasterOmok on YouTube. 3. Register on and comment below on … Read more