Comments are now open-ish!

I know there are at least a few viewers that do not want to make an account to post comments.. and now you do not have to be registered! No Name or Email required! There are still spaces for you to enter your information (if you are not registered), but they are now optional. All non-registered comments, and any user that hasn’t had an approved comment will have their … Read more

Do you Clash of Clans?!

My Clash of Clans clan, Sky High, is looking for some new members who want to war. This is a new clan, and we are currently winning our first war. We will be doing back to back wars to level up for perks. We are an adult/mature clan, there are no donation/request restrictions, and do not ask for Elder/Co. Elder can be earned through war effort, and all Co … Read more

Who is Extensity?

The definition of extensity is “an attribute of sensation whereby space or size is perceived” Buckle up boys and girls, I’m one of those kind of nerds. My name is Michael Fagan and I’m MasterOmok’s cousin. I’m 23 years old and I have been playing games since I was a toddler. The oldest memory I have of gaming is, when I was a child my father bought a bootleg … Read more

Smite God Wheel Update plus Poll

I had this great idea.. I should write an App that has more flash and customization for Random Smite God Selection! I am thinking about writing it for all platforms, but I thought I should see what platforms you would like to be available. Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, or an Improved Web Version? Vote for one, two, three, or all of them. Whichever platforms you would like an App … Read more