Sky High Clan Page

Well I put together a little clan page for the Clash of Clans clan Sky High! It’s mostly a spot for members to vote on things slash opt into wars, and for prospective members. Check out Sky High at Next war in @ClashofClans for #SkyHigh is tonight at 10pm EST. Looking for TH7+, join us now: — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) July 28, 2015

Snipe for the Win!

Our Clash of Clans is going well! Sky High got a nice little victory on this war, with the last minute snipe by tybark! What a close war! 83 – 80 with a last minute snipe! @ClashofClans — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) July 18, 2015

More Gods on the Wheel!

I finally got around to updating the Random God Smite Wheel. Go get your random on! 07/15/15 +Hades no longer filters with the Melee filter, and only with the Ranged. +Freya no longer selected as Physical filter or as the Warrior filter (thanks to Snip3rkid for finding that bug) +Added Ratatoskr to wheel +Added Ratatoskr Default Card +Added Ratatoskr Flurry Card +Added Ravana to wheel +Added Ravana Default Card … Read more

Big changes in Sky High!

Looking to advance our clan in Clash of Clans! Looking for members who like to constantly war. We start most wars between 10:00pm and 11:59pm EST after a war has completed. Join us now! Big changes in Sky High! Looking for a few more dedicated members to war! @ClashofClans — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) July 1, 2015