Invader Zim Emoticons!

I’ve added some Invader Zim emoticons to the comments. Check em out! :gir: :gir-angry: :gir-attack: :gir-dog: :gir-dog-worry: :zim-human: :zim-human-worry: :zim-human-angry: :zim-human-yell: :zim: :zim-worry: :zim-angry: :zim-spider: :zim-spider-angry:

Tag us at the Cincinnati Comic Expo

We are running around the Cincinnati Comic Expo all weekend. I am handing out some of my “MASTEROMOK DOT COM” wristbands. If you took a photo with one of us, please tag us on whatever social platform you are posting! Or please post your links in the comments so we can find the photos! MasterOmok Mckinzey