New Logo-ish, Things, and STUFF!

Well I got bored and switched up the logo a bit. I think I might make a few variations and set them to randomly select one. Use different emoji’s and such. Meow! Old: New: I also switched up the menu structure a bit. I got rid of some lesser content (only from the menu, it’s still there if you search and whatnot). You’ll also notice “Other Sites” as part … Read more

No Man’s Sky

I was really happy to find out that No Man’s Sky was not a PS4 exclusive. Installing right now on my PC, and cannot wait to dive into this game! If it’s as awesome as I think it will be – then expect content to be coming out soon! #NoMansSky — MasterOmok (@MasterOmok_com) August 12, 2016

Minor Fixes, Theme Update, and RSGW Info!

Good news everyone! I have some error fixes going in that address some items (a lot are responsive issues and some minor errors). Hopefully this can tide people over until I launch the new theme. Speaking of the new theme – It’s looking nice on the test instance, but I am not sure I want to go live yet. I have restructured the whole site, new features coming, all … Read more