Tag Us in Your Photos!

A group of us will be running around the Cincinnati Comic Expo on Saturday and Sunday. I am handing out my “MASTEROMOK DOT COM” wristbands to let people find our information for tagging photos. If you took a photo with one of us, please tag us on whatever social platform you are posting! Or please post your photo links in the comments so we can find the photos! MasterOmok … Read more

Cincinnati Comic Expo

I absolutely cannot wait for the weekend to get here. I will be attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo this Saturday and Sunday with a group of people. Going to be doing some CosPlay and buying a bunch of epic goodies. I will be handing out “MASTEROMOK DOT COM” silicon wristbands to random people as well.

Emoticons, Emojis, Oh My!

Added some more options to the comments – because more smiles slash emojis slash emoticons are what everyone needs! These are the ones from the old InvisionFree forums from way back when! :c_wowthings: :c_winkthings: :c_smirkthings: :c_smilethings: :c_smhthings: :c_shockedthings: :c_sadthings: :c_rollthings: :c_meowthings: :c_mehthings: :c_lovethings: :c_laughthings: :c_grinthings: :c_errthings: :c_crazythings: :c_coolthings: :c_blinkthings: :c_blank: :c_angrythings:

Removed Ads (for life? for now?)

I have removed the ads from the pages. I was using an older plugin, and it seems to have some issues. It was causing some slow load times, and other items. I may return ads at a later time, but for now – ENJOY! :zim_girtacohat: :zim_girdogthing: :zim_bee: :zim_minimoooose: :zim_minipig: