Artio on the Wheel

It’s a bit early, but I added Artio – The Bear Goddess – to the Random Smite God Wheel. There are 90 gods on there now, so it is getting a bit crowded. I am hoping I can get the new randomizer out here as soon as possible! Lots of work on the plate, and the one that pays the bills comes first. +Added Artio to wheel +Added Artio … Read more

Cat Loves Doggo

Random quick little update on things.. I have the legal documents for using some code from other projects into the new version of the Random Smite God Wheel – so expect that alpha to be out here soon-ish (I hate the word soon, but soon!). Pet update – the Sue Cat and the Eevee Doggo are starting to like each other more. So check out the Instagram feed or … Read more