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    There is certainly yet no better medium than books to train good morals and inculcate the correct values in youngsters. Little children love favorite anecdotes as well as in their dreams they meet the characters they adore. They develop a strong bond using them to see them as heroines. Their imagination is stirred when parents read fables and favorite anecdotes at bed time and they learn how to emulate the optimal character portrayed by their favorite heroes’ in day-to-day life.

    Home and faculty libraries stock storybooks for children which may have stories of adventurers, pirates, explorers and various other interesting topics and subjects. Boys find these stories very fascinating. Girls care more about stories which may have dolls, ponies, flowers, or have to do with training as teachers/nurses, cooking food and bringing up a family etc. Each group finds curiosity about stories that entail characters of the same gender. Stories written for the kids usually had either male or female characters specific to each story.

    However, stories now combine leading characters of both sexes. Among this is often noticed in the Harry Potter series who have the stories knitted round the trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione. This recent trend in story writing is bringing about a gentle alteration of the preferred choice of both girls and boys who are able to now be observed being commonly thinking about stories revolving around certain theme centric characters involving both genders.

    Stories in the past depicted a safe and secure and pleasant world through which little children could venture out in complete safety. Modern day stories put even girl characters like Hermione in dangerous situations. However, the charm of stories for kids are still retained making them thoroughly enjoyable and captivating, taking children over a journey in the arena of fairies, gnomes, witches, giants, speaking animals and cities having houses made from sweets, chocolates and cakes.

    Illustrated books have their own charm and they are loved among children. They assist children to create a visual picture of a common character(s) of their minds. The photographs of animals and places like gardens and forests etc. keep them pleased and occupied and still provide them with information about several things and places, that they may not have seen. For his or her young minds, books are just like wells that they constantly draw the lake of information.

    Books are good friends to children and still provide these with company at any time for the day or night. When compared with movies, books give a better medium to show strong values like comradeship, courage and loyalty to children. Growing up gets engrossed in reading, he finds himself transported for the imaginary locale with the story using the characters active him. By bonding on the characters, children discover how to answer real life situations after they undergo similar experiences. They learn how to express their desires, fears and aspirations. Good books serve healthy mental and psychological growth and development of children.

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