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    Father #1 was Bob Carrie – my organic father. On the list of

    is scrivener freemajor items my #1 dad gave me is the power to love tiny matters, and, as a result, I’m by no means bored. Never ever. A normal outing with my father could be visiting the laundromat and aiding him kind the clothes – accompanied by a root beer in a & W and some candy out of a machine. Ah, life was good.

    Father #2 is Doug Steven – the biological father of my #1 and only husband and best friend, Laurence. Laur is currently out on the country – so I don’t have to let the reality of my flesh-and-blood husband burst the bubble of my idealized mate. (But I will eventually hear his shrieks about my grammar. He’s an English teacher.)

    Father #3 was Kurt Lotz – my step-father-in-law. From speaking with him and hearing about his life, I developed a real appreciation with the survivors of World War Two from the German side. There was no such thing as conscientious objectors under Hitler’s reign of terror – they were executed. Kurt and his first wife lost a son and a daughter during the war.

    Father #4 is Cecil Anderson – the playmate of my widowed and remarried mother. Cecil met my mom, Marjorie Scriven, during WW2 when he was stationed in Trenton. He tells me his first kiss was with my mom – in the corner with the living room of your house in which my mom still lives. (When asked if this was her first kiss, she declined to answer – but did mention that, at the time, there was an air force base full of young men nearby.)

    My life might have been very different – actually I would not have come into being – had it not been for 1 episode in their romance. Both were Plymouth Brethren and didn’t hold with drinking, dancing, smoking or playing cards. Fair enough. But when my mom went to watch her brother play drums in the Commodore band, Cecil didn’t think she ought to be doing that. He immediately learned that my mother had direct access to God and no tolerance for anyone else’s input. She quoted to him one John 3:21: "Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God." And Marj made certain Cecil knew that her heart was just fine – with or without him!

    Cecil had his horizons broadened dramatically when his plane was shot down over Holland and he was a prisoner of war for two years. The Allies camp was parallel to what could only be called a concentration camp for the Russians POWs. He heard and saw the brutality of your German guards on the Russian prisoners – and when the Russians liberated the POW camp, the brutality with the Russian prisoners towards the German guards. His only comment on this is: "Man’s inhumanity to man."

    The reward Cecil has given me? Bringing so much joy back to my mother’s life. Whenever I call, the two of them are giggling away like newlyweds. And I guess they are – even though they both were remarried in their eighties.

    There exists another gift I’d like – a baby brother or sister. I’ve even got the name picked out – Isaac which means "laughter."

    Happy Fathers Day on the 4 Lads!

    Jan Carrie Steven, MA, RSW, is Counselor, Mentor, Chaplain and Volunteer.