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    For those that don’t know an access panel is also known as a panel door. There are several different types such as wooden access panels, plastic recessed panels, recessed, non fire rated, and fire rated panels just to name a few.There are different varieties to choose from depending on the job that needs to be done. Access panels come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit different needs. They can be used for a variety of applications such as plaster and drywall, and are also used to provide roof access, plumbing fixtures, pipes,cables, special enclosures, and ceiling spaces as well as many others. Access Panels are generally made of plastic or metal and generally mix in with the interior decor, and come with one of two standard frame options: A beaded frame or a picture frame. A beaded frame is used in jobs where the surface is not yet finished. A picture frame is where the solid flange sits on the surface of the wall (or ceiling) and it covers the cut edge of the hole. It’s also used when the surface has already been finished.Access hatches are used two different ways. Let’s talk about the first one: below ground. Access hatches are designed to provide access to surfaces below ground, below surface and below floor installations. They are commonly known as trapdoors. The hatches are typically used in areas such as on the sides of houses (usually storage space or shelter from weather such as a tornado) storm drains, ventilation shafts, sewer pump stations, water treatment plants, monitoring wells, fuel storage pits, waste water treatment plants, collection pits, de-icing control facilities, gas valve vaults, electric vaults, telephone vaults, water valve vaults, water meter pits, and industrial plant pits just to name a few. They’re typically made of aluminum, cast iron, or steel. The second way an access hatch can be used is the total opposite of the first one. Many buildings with flat roofs have hatches that provide access to the roof. You can see those on ships and sailboats. They provide access to the deck.In closing, you now know the differences between access panels and access hatches and what their general uses are for.