Random Smite God Wheel

There are too many Smite gods to choose from, so let the gods do the choosing for you! Features will be added to the app version as I find time to work on this project. Check the front page posts for updates. Please leave any feedback or feature requests as a comment below.

THE BETA IS LIVE: RandomGod.MasterOmok.com

NOTE: Want to join in the WebApp beta team? First join the Discord channel, and then in the #become-a-beta-tester channel simply post that you would like to join the team!

Patch Notes:

+Beta version of the WebApp is released!
+To join the beta, join the Discord channel and post in the #become-a-beta-tester channel.

+Added Hera to wheel
+Added Hera Default Card
+Added Hera Golden Card
+Added Hera Crimson Queen Card

+Ravana moved from Warrior to Assassin category

+Added Pele to wheel
+Added Pele Default Card
+Added Pele Golden Card
+Added Pele Caldera Card
+Added Pele Heatsink Card

+Added Baron Samedi to wheel
+Added Baron Samedi Default Card
+Added Baron Samedi Golden Card
+Added Baron Samedi Red Rum Card

+Added Chernobog to wheel
+Added Chernobog Default Card
+Added Chernobog Golden Card
+Added Chernobog Diabol Card
+Added Chernobog Galactic Void Card

+Added Achilles to wheel
+Added Achilles Default Card
+Added Achilles Myrmidon Card

+Added Cerberus to wheel
+Added Cerberus Default Card
+Added Cerberus Hellwatch Card

+Added “New God” to wheel

+Added Discordia to wheel
+Added Discordia Default Card
+Added Discordia Rebellious Card

+Added Hachiman to wheel
+Added Hachiman Default Card
+Added Hachiman Shogun Card

+Added Artio to wheel
+Added Artio Default Card
+Added Artio Den Mother Card

+Added Cu Chulainn to wheel
+Added Cu Chulainn Default Card
+Added Cu Chulainn Hound of Ulster Card

+Added Da Ji to wheel
+Added Da Ji Default Card
+Added Da Ji Vixen Card

+Added Ganesha to wheel
+Added Ganesha Default Card
+Added Ganesha Ganpati Card

+Added Cernunnos to wheel
+Added Cernunnos Default Card
+Added Cernunnos Samhain Card

+Added Kuzenbo to wheel
+Added Kuzenbo Default Card
+Added Kuzenbo Yokozuna Card

+Added The Morrigan to wheel
+Added The Morrigan Default Card
+Added The Morrigan Scarlet Sorceress Card
+Added The Morrigan Woodland Rogue Card
+Added Pantheon Filter: Celtic

+Added Nike to wheel
+Added Nike Default Card
+Added Nike Peregrine Card

+Added Thoth to wheel
+Added Thoth Default Card
+Added Thoth Sanguine Scribe Card

+Added Pantheon Filters: Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse, and Roman.

+Added Camazotz to wheel
+Added Camazotz Default Card
+Added Camazotz Penumbra Card

+Added Izanami to wheel
+Added Izanami Default Card
+Added Izanami Dark Matron Card

+Added Terra to wheel
+Added Terra Default Card
+Added Terra Firma Card

+Added Erlang Shen to wheel
+Added Erlang Shen Default Card
+Added Erlang Shen Illustrious Card

+Added Fafnir to wheel
+Added Fafnir Default Card
+Added Fafnir Covetous Card

+Added Susano to wheel
+Added Susano Default Card
+Added Susano Scarlet Storm Card

+Added Jing Wei to wheel
+Added Jing Wei Default Card
+Added Jing Wei Reborn Card

+Added Skadi to wheel
+Added Skadi Default Card
+Added Skadi Winter’s Wrath Card

+Hades filtered as a Mage, and no longer as a Guardian.
+Added Raijin to wheel
+Added Raijin Default Card
+Added Raijin Nimbus Card

+Added Amaterasu to wheel
+Added Amaterasu Default Card
+Added Amaterasu Cerulean Sky Card

+Added Chiron to wheel
+Added Chiron Default Card
+Added Chiron Sagittarius Card

+Added Sol to wheel
+Added Sol Default Card
+Added Sol Supernova Card

+Added Xing Tian to wheel
+Added Xing Tian Default Card
+Added Xing Tian Indomitable Card

+Added Khepri to wheel
+Added Khepri Default Card
+Added Khepri Imperator Card

+Hades no longer filters with the Melee filter, and only with the Ranged.
+Freya no longer selected as Physical filter or as the Warrior filter (thanks to Snip3rkid for finding that bug)
+Added Ratatoskr to wheel
+Added Ratatoskr Default Card
+Added Ratatoskr Flurry Card
+Added Ravana to wheel
+Added Ravana Default Card
+Added Ravana Tyrant Card

+Added Ah Puch to wheel
+Added Ah Puch Default Card
+Added Ah Puch Death Mask Card

+Added Anhur Legendary Card
+Added Anubis Legendary Card
+Added Aphrodite Diamond Card
+Added Apollo Legendary Card
+Added Arachne Legendary Card
+Added Athena Legendary Card
+Added Athena Diamond Card
+Added Chaac Diamond Card
+Added Chang’e Diamond Card
+Added GuanYu Legendary Card
+Added Hades Diamond Card
+Added Hel Diamond Card
+Added Isis Diamond Card
+Added Kali Legendary Card
+Added Neith Diamond Card
+Added Nemesis Diamond Card
+Added Nu Wa Legendary Card
+Added Osiris Legendary Card
+Added Ra Legendary Card
+Added Sun Wukong Legendary Card
+Added Thanatos Legendary Card
+Added Tyr Legendary Card
+Added Ullr Legendary Card
+Added Xbalanque Legendary Card

+Added Medusa to wheel
+Added Medusa Default Card
+Added Medusa Black Gorgon Card

+Added Awilix to wheel
+Added Awilix Default Card
+Added Awilix Golden Card
+Added Awilix Blood Moon Card
+Added Hou Yi to wheel
+Added Hou Yi Default Card
+Added Hou Yi Golden Card
+Added Hou Yi Sunbreaker Card
+Added Bellona to wheel
+Added Bellona Default Card
+Added Bellona Battle Maiden Card

+Added Loki Diamond Card
+Added Tyr Diamond Card
+Added Cupid Diamond Card
+Added Anubis Diamond Card

+Added Ao Kuang to wheel
+Added Ao Kuang Default Card
+Added Ao Kuang Tempest Card
+Added Scylla Lil’ Red Card
+Added Tyr Sock PuppeTyr Card
+Added Tyr Convention 2015 Card
+Added Sylvanus Golden Card
+Added Agni Diamond Card
+Added Cabrakan Diamond Card
+Added Nu Wa Diamond Card
+Updated Aphrodite Default Card

+Added Vulcan Diamond Card
+Added Thanatos Diamond Card

+Added Ra Solar Sentinel Card
+Added Kali Convention 2013 Card
+Added Kali Trophy Hunter Card
+Added Agni Volcanic Card
+Added Agni Infernal Card
+Added Rama Orbital Strike Card
+Added He Bo The Sydney Shredder Card

+Added Nox to wheel
+Added Nox Default Card
+Added Nox Crimson Eclipse Card
+Added Cabrakan Gold Card
+Added Nu Wa Water Dancer Card
+Updated Fenrir Frostfang Card

+Updated Bakasura Default Card
+Updated Bakasura Gold Card
+Updated Bakasura Butcher Card
+Added Osiris Frankenhotep Card
+Added Osiris The Re-Animated Card
+Added Zhong Kui Demon Catcher Card

+Filter gods by class
+Filter gods by power type
+Filter gods by attack type
+Legendary and Diamond Skins added for Artemis
+Legendary and Diamond Skins added for Kukulkan
+Toggle All Option
+Toggles magical classes when filtering magical power type
+Toggles physical classes when filtering physical power type

+Random Skin Portraits instead of just default

+God portraits now jpgs for load time
+Higher resolution god portraits
+Moved portrait position over wheel
+Added close button to portrait (to allow view of wheel options)
+Various hide/show fixes

+Initial Release
+Added menu to hide wheel options
+Reduced spin time
+Moved wheel to left side
+Randomized wheel options every spin
+Added god portraits when they are selected

463 thoughts on “Random Smite God Wheel”

  1. MasterOmok, you should implement a permanent ‘New God’ slide on the wheel, so people can have the possibility of playing newly added gods you haven’t yet added. Plus, we all know how long it’s been taking for you to update the wheel lately 😉
    (no disrespect, just suggesting an efficient solution to the ‘late patches’ problem)

    • For the newer gods (past 25 or so) it is mainly just the default and recolor cards. For the older ones there are a lot with golden, legendary, diamond, and various other skins.

    • The current randomness is two factor. The first is the order of the gods gets randomized. The second is the amount of time the wheel is spinning. I may add a way to adjust weightings for the randomness in the application version, but that would likely not be in version 1.

  2. Maybe add the abilities from the god, and such things?
    Like that it is a guardian, long ranged or something lol, and like the pros and the difficulty if you get what I mean.

    • The abilities will be part of the full featured application. Lots of other details will be included too, so it will be more useful if it is a new god you are playing. :smite_guan:

    • I could throw something together I am sure.. I don’t play Paladins, so I would need to know what kind of information you guys would want filters for.. Should be easy to find a list of the characters and such

  3. Will you ever make an and/or feature so when you select two categories it filters the list by both not just adds all in the category to the wheel?

    • The webapp version will have advanced filters that persist. Much more features on the way.. maybe I will get the alpha out tomorrow for people to get their hands on.. time to put in work! :matrix-code:

    • No need to respond I looked around the comments a bit to find this question has been asked before and as such I just want to say that this is definitely a really cool side project that I use often so thanks.

      • I hope to get an alpha out here soon (there will be a front page post when that goes live, as well as on this page) asking for people to test it out and report any bugs. Once I am confident in the new versions stability then this wheel will be replaced (to note – the new version is a “web app” with native iOS and Android installations available).

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