is created and maintained by Nicholas Komosinski (also known as MasterOmok, Omok, Omoker, Komo, and more variations).

This website was started way back in 2002. Over the years the website has evolved from a personal web space, into a thriving forum community, a place to play Flash games, an archive for my gaming tricks/glitches videos, a home for my Halo 2 montages, and so much more. It became inactive for awhile, but is back as a blog of sorts.

This site will vary from personal items, to various gaming, to music, to random projects, or even just things I deemed worthy to post.

If you would like to contact me, or just play some games, there are various means available:

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft
Level 100 Assassination Rogue – Omoker (Magtheridon) [H]
Level 19 (XP Off) Subtlety Rogue – Omoker (Steamwheedle Cartel) [A]