MasterOmok.com is created and maintained by Nicholas Komosinski (also known as MasterOmok, Omok, Omoker, Omokest, Omokie, Komo, and many more variations).

This website was started way back in 2002 as my own version of a blog. I posted pictures from events, talked about gaming, and other stuff of the sorts. Over the years the website evolved from a being just a personal web space into a thriving forum community. Within that community many games were discussed, but the main draw to the forum happened to be the flash games with leader-boards and achievements. I added an archive for my gaming tricks and glitches videos, my Halo 2 montages, and so much more. The site sat idle with no updates for a few years (college took over my free time), but then in 2012 I revamped everything! Since then the site has gone through a lot of revisions to the look and feel. I am determined to keep it active as my blog slash archive slash whatever as long as possible!

The content posted will vary from personal items, to various gaming things, to music I like, to random projects, or even just things I deemed worthy to post. I also will cross post about other ventures I am involved with such as my brewery Bru-Tang Brewing and my software development company K-Dev, LLC.

Now for some information on me! I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. As life has progressed, my gaming time has been reduced (but I still enjoy gaming when I can). I married my soul mate Trisha in 2017. We had a baby girl (Olivia) together in 2018. Right now we have four pets (two dogs and two cats) – Sue, Eevee, Morty, and Sylvie. I am an owner and principle software engineer for my company K-Dev, LLC. I am in the works of getting a brewery started up called Bru-Tang Brewing. I spend a lot of my days coding away at my computers, but I also enjoy some gaming when I am not being a husband and father (or brewing beer).

If you would like to get in contact with me or play some games then check out the contact page.