Rama game getting strong!

Well, looks like my Rama in Smite is getting pretty awesome:

My Ah Puch is already insane, but for some reason I continue to rock him out. Just passed 1,000 kills:

Pew pew pew

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No Man’s Sky

I was really happy to find out that No Man’s Sky was not a PS4 exclusive. Installing right now on my PC, and cannot wait to dive into this game! If it’s as awesome as I think it will be – then expect content to be coming out soon!

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Minor Fixes, Theme Update, and RSGW Info!

Good news everyone! I have some error fixes going in that address some items (a lot are responsive issues and some minor errors). Hopefully this can tide people over until I launch the new theme. Speaking of the new theme – It’s looking nice on the test instance, but I am not sure I want to go live yet. I have restructured the whole site, new features coming, all sorts of goodies.. I can’t wait to release it, but I also don’t want it incomplete or broken in spots. Coming Soon™

The Random Smite God Wheel has some decisions to be made. I can either continue development on the responsive web version and delay apps for a long time. Or, I can start designing for a new system that would be a WebApp (website that also has native Android and iOS apps) (...continued...)

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And Guests Can Comment Again..

Well no one wants to comment now that I made it a requirement to have an account.. so guests can once again post. This may change once I roll out the new version, or at least require a Name and Email. Only time will tell!

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Must be registered again..

I’ve turned back on the requirement to be registered (due to the emoticon spam happening in the comments lately). That is not the only reason I want people to be registered though. In order to facilitate some new features on the (work in progress) new random Smite god selector, I need people to have an account. This account will help save selections of gods and give me an idea of my user base. It only takes a minute or two to register!

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Terra: The Earth Mother

Terra: The Earth Mother is now on the Random Smite God Wheel

+Added Terra to wheel
+Added Terra Default Card
+Added Terra Firma Card

Terra Default Fafnir Firma

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