Other Sites

This page contains links and some brief descriptions of other websites and business ventures that I manage. Please give them a visit!

K-Dev, LLC
: I am an owner and principle software engineer in a software development company. My father and I started this company in April of 2010. If you are in need of custom software, mobile applications, websites, or more – then click that link and contact us!

Trisha’s Escape, LLC
: My wife (Trisha) has her own company selling various products. She sells elderberry syrup, body butter, lip balm, CBD oil, CBD salve, and more. She also blogs on various topics. These posts range from mental health, to beauty, to pregnancy, and more. Go and check out her content!

Bru-Tang Brewing
Bru-Tang Brewing, LLC
: A group of my friends and I have been brewing beer together since 2016. We are currently just at the “home brew” level, but we are working towards getting distribution and a tap room. If you like beer and awesome label art then hit that link already!

PoGo Findlay
PoGo Findlay
: This is a website I put together to help organize our local Pokémon GO community. It is used to share events, information, and bring the local community together.

: I made a website for my buddy Jahova. He is a Twitch streamer slash YouTuber and plays all sorts of video games. You might even catch me playing some Halo or something random with him at times.