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Welcome to the official site of Sky High (#8RJ2CRLR), a mature Clash of Clans clan. Please read all the guidelines as they should answer most of your questions. When sending a request to join do not use the default message, or we may think you are a random spam add.


  • We are an English speaking clan. Communication is important, so only use English in the clan chat and for troop requests.
  • Keep your opt status updated. We are a constant war clan, so this status is important!
  • Use both attacks in wars. Failure to use both attacks (without informing the leadership why) could result in removal from the clan.
  • First attack in wars should happen in the first 12 hours of the war. You should attack one spot down from your number in war (not the recommended). For example, if you are number 3 in the war then you will attack number 4 on their clan first.
  • Second attack should happen in the last 12 hours of war (this is so people can get their stars). Use a leader’s direction for attacking, or cleanup stars where possible.
  • Respect the troop requests (when the space is available). Be smart when filling the other troops (like if there are ground troops then donate ground, and not air). If you cannot meet the donation requests then simply do not donate!
  • Co leader is reserved, do not even ask for it. Having co leader in the wrong hands can destroy clans.
  • Elder is earned through war effort, donations, and communication (awarded by leaders as seen fit). If you are asking for elder it likely means you haven’t earned it yet.
  • Members need to be active, involved in clan communications, and not rushed for their Town Hall level.

30 thoughts on “Sky High”

  1. Hog wash haha. I don’t think Tarder would fuck anything up but I understand master yoda hahaha

  2. This is getting an update (finally) since we are getting more active. It will be easier to give out the clan rules to new members. :z_mario_tom: :z_mario_ghost: :z_mario_fisher:

  3. Jit did not follow your guidelines –

    “For your first attack you must attack your same number.”

    He’s 14 and does his first attack on 18???

  4. Remember to attack the number in war same as you first, then attack someone else, we did this for the past two wars and won, so let’s keep doing that

    • Hey guys, I would like a spot in the war if there is a spot for me. I’m really trying to upgrade my stuff so that I’m solid and can get the 3 stars in wars. Thanks!

  5. People you should have kicked out are the “leaders, co, elders”! who don’t attack right away and wait! By that time your already way behind! Stupid fucks!

    • I see you posted your name from clash (sarcasm in case you missed that).. The leader, Elder, and co who don’t attack at least communicate when they can’t. The people booted were not attacking, not communicating, not donating, requesting a lot, and not getting war stars.. So they were voted on and booted. If you want to post who this is we can discuss more, but based on the response this must be a youngster raging.. “KKTHXBAI”

  6. Next War 07/28 at 10pm EST

    We will be trying to do 10v10, 15v15, 20v20, or 25v25.. The 30+v30+ are not going too well. We have been getting bad match ups with our searching. Hopefully dropping down may provide a few wins as we try to level up the clan.

    Must reply to this comment/page with your in game name here to be included in next war. Co/Elder will get the spots over members if we have more people reply than spots available.


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