Halo 2 – Glitching Archive

Due to many requests I have made my old Halo 2 glitching videos available online again. These were originally only available on my website (as YouTube was in the early stages, and I was used to hosting the content myself). To help with my bandwidth I have hosted all these on YouTube!

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YouTube Playlist (watch all videos back to back!)

Out of Zanzibar – 11/09/2004

Off Burial Mounds – 11/13/2004

Minute Maid – 11/24/2004

Way Off Zanzibar – 11/24/2004

The Art of Canceling – 12/06/2004

Hog Off Burial Mounds – 12/21/2004

Ghost Off Burial Mounds – 12/22/2004

Spectre Off Burial Mounds – 12/23/2004

Off Containment & Warlock – 04/25/2005

Off All New Maps – 04/25/2005