Random Smite God Wheel

There are too many Smite gods to choose from, so let the gods do the choosing for you! Features will be added as I find time to work on this project. Check the front page posts (or patch notes below) for updates. Please leave any feedback or feature requests as a comment below.

Patch Notes:

+Ravana moved from Warrior to Assassin category

+Added Pele to wheel
+Added Pele Default Card
+Added Pele Golden Card
+Added Pele Caldera Card
+Added Pele Heatsink Card

+Added Baron Samedi to wheel
+Added Baron Samedi Default Card
+Added Baron Samedi Golden Card
+Added Baron Samedi Red Rum Card

+Added Chernobog to wheel
+Added Chernobog Default Card
+Added Chernobog Golden Card
+Added Chernobog Diabol Card
+Added Chernobog Galactic Void Card

+Added Achilles to wheel
+Added Achilles Default Card
+Added Achilles Myrmidon Card

+Added Cerberus to wheel
+Added Cerberus Default Card
+Added Cerberus Hellwatch Card

+Added “New God” to wheel

+Added Discordia to wheel
+Added Discordia Default Card
+Added Discordia Rebellious Card

+Added Hachiman to wheel
+Added Hachiman Default Card
+Added Hachiman Shogun Card

+Added Artio to wheel
+Added Artio Default Card
+Added Artio Den Mother Card

+Added Cu Chulainn to wheel
+Added Cu Chulainn Default Card
+Added Cu Chulainn Hound of Ulster Card

+Added Da Ji to wheel
+Added Da Ji Default Card
+Added Da Ji Vixen Card

+Added Ganesha to wheel
+Added Ganesha Default Card
+Added Ganesha Ganpati Card

+Added Cernunnos to wheel
+Added Cernunnos Default Card
+Added Cernunnos Samhain Card

+Added Kuzenbo to wheel
+Added Kuzenbo Default Card
+Added Kuzenbo Yokozuna Card

+Added The Morrigan to wheel
+Added The Morrigan Default Card
+Added The Morrigan Scarlet Sorceress Card
+Added The Morrigan Woodland Rogue Card
+Added Pantheon Filter: Celtic

+Added Nike to wheel
+Added Nike Default Card
+Added Nike Peregrine Card

+Added Thoth to wheel
+Added Thoth Default Card
+Added Thoth Sanguine Scribe Card

+Added Pantheon Filters: Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse, and Roman.

+Added Camazotz to wheel
+Added Camazotz Default Card
+Added Camazotz Penumbra Card

+Added Izanami to wheel
+Added Izanami Default Card
+Added Izanami Dark Matron Card

+Added Terra to wheel
+Added Terra Default Card
+Added Terra Firma Card

+Added Erlang Shen to wheel
+Added Erlang Shen Default Card
+Added Erlang Shen Illustrious Card

+Added Fafnir to wheel
+Added Fafnir Default Card
+Added Fafnir Covetous Card

+Added Susano to wheel
+Added Susano Default Card
+Added Susano Scarlet Storm Card

+Added Jing Wei to wheel
+Added Jing Wei Default Card
+Added Jing Wei Reborn Card

+Added Skadi to wheel
+Added Skadi Default Card
+Added Skadi Winter’s Wrath Card

+Hades filtered as a Mage, and no longer as a Guardian.
+Added Raijin to wheel
+Added Raijin Default Card
+Added Raijin Nimbus Card

+Added Amaterasu to wheel
+Added Amaterasu Default Card
+Added Amaterasu Cerulean Sky Card

+Added Chiron to wheel
+Added Chiron Default Card
+Added Chiron Sagittarius Card

+Added Sol to wheel
+Added Sol Default Card
+Added Sol Supernova Card

+Added Xing Tian to wheel
+Added Xing Tian Default Card
+Added Xing Tian Indomitable Card

+Added Khepri to wheel
+Added Khepri Default Card
+Added Khepri Imperator Card

+Hades no longer filters with the Melee filter, and only with the Ranged.
+Freya no longer selected as Physical filter or as the Warrior filter (thanks to Snip3rkid for finding that bug)
+Added Ratatoskr to wheel
+Added Ratatoskr Default Card
+Added Ratatoskr Flurry Card
+Added Ravana to wheel
+Added Ravana Default Card
+Added Ravana Tyrant Card

+Added Ah Puch to wheel
+Added Ah Puch Default Card
+Added Ah Puch Death Mask Card

+Added Anhur Legendary Card
+Added Anubis Legendary Card
+Added Aphrodite Diamond Card
+Added Apollo Legendary Card
+Added Arachne Legendary Card
+Added Athena Legendary Card
+Added Athena Diamond Card
+Added Chaac Diamond Card
+Added Chang’e Diamond Card
+Added GuanYu Legendary Card
+Added Hades Diamond Card
+Added Hel Diamond Card
+Added Isis Diamond Card
+Added Kali Legendary Card
+Added Neith Diamond Card
+Added Nemesis Diamond Card
+Added Nu Wa Legendary Card
+Added Osiris Legendary Card
+Added Ra Legendary Card
+Added Sun Wukong Legendary Card
+Added Thanatos Legendary Card
+Added Tyr Legendary Card
+Added Ullr Legendary Card
+Added Xbalanque Legendary Card

+Added Medusa to wheel
+Added Medusa Default Card
+Added Medusa Black Gorgon Card

+Added Awilix to wheel
+Added Awilix Default Card
+Added Awilix Golden Card
+Added Awilix Blood Moon Card
+Added Hou Yi to wheel
+Added Hou Yi Default Card
+Added Hou Yi Golden Card
+Added Hou Yi Sunbreaker Card
+Added Bellona to wheel
+Added Bellona Default Card
+Added Bellona Battle Maiden Card

+Added Loki Diamond Card
+Added Tyr Diamond Card
+Added Cupid Diamond Card
+Added Anubis Diamond Card

+Added Ao Kuang to wheel
+Added Ao Kuang Default Card
+Added Ao Kuang Tempest Card
+Added Scylla Lil’ Red Card
+Added Tyr Sock PuppeTyr Card
+Added Tyr Convention 2015 Card
+Added Sylvanus Golden Card
+Added Agni Diamond Card
+Added Cabrakan Diamond Card
+Added Nu Wa Diamond Card
+Updated Aphrodite Default Card

+Added Vulcan Diamond Card
+Added Thanatos Diamond Card

+Added Ra Solar Sentinel Card
+Added Kali Convention 2013 Card
+Added Kali Trophy Hunter Card
+Added Agni Volcanic Card
+Added Agni Infernal Card
+Added Rama Orbital Strike Card
+Added He Bo The Sydney Shredder Card

+Added Nox to wheel
+Added Nox Default Card
+Added Nox Crimson Eclipse Card
+Added Cabrakan Gold Card
+Added Nu Wa Water Dancer Card
+Updated Fenrir Frostfang Card

+Updated Bakasura Default Card
+Updated Bakasura Gold Card
+Updated Bakasura Butcher Card
+Added Osiris Frankenhotep Card
+Added Osiris The Re-Animated Card
+Added Zhong Kui Demon Catcher Card

+Filter gods by class
+Filter gods by power type
+Filter gods by attack type
+Legendary and Diamond Skins added for Artemis
+Legendary and Diamond Skins added for Kukulkan
+Toggle All Option
+Toggles magical classes when filtering magical power type
+Toggles physical classes when filtering physical power type

+Random Skin Portraits instead of just default

+God portraits now jpgs for load time
+Higher resolution god portraits
+Moved portrait position over wheel
+Added close button to portrait (to allow view of wheel options)
+Various hide/show fixes

+Initial Release
+Added menu to hide wheel options
+Reduced spin time
+Moved wheel to left side
+Randomized wheel options every spin
+Added god portraits when they are selected

Future Features:

+Responsive Web App
+Native Android App
+Native iOS App
+Remember filter selections
+Create and save custom filter options
+Display details of the God’s abilities
+Display common item builds for the God

276 thoughts on “Random Smite God Wheel

  1. When is the mobile app going to come out? Also, I wish there was a way to save the gods you select! I use this for duel all the time when I don’t really feel like playing the same god over and over.

    • I am hoping to pump it out shortly (at least the beta version). It has the ability to save gods, and so much more. I don’t want to release anything too buggy or it might fail right away.

  2. Lest I’m missing something or not but I would like to say that a build generator would make this even more fun. Don’t you agree?

  3. I always get Freya lol, it’s like god god then Freya then god then Freya then god god then Freya Freya god and then again Freya

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