Beta of Random God Wheel Live (ish)

Besides fighting some hosting issues, we now have the Random Smite God Wheel webapp beta live (ish)! Right now I have it setup in the “free hosting” tier so it will possibly go down if daily quotas are exceeded. Until the bugs are worked out (and a way to recoup some costs is implemented) then it will be in this “might be live, or might be down” state. Note that the beta version is the last stable build, and will be updated as things come together. Not all features are live yet (due to some breaking bugs), but will roll out as they stabilize. The look and feel will also change a good bit during the beta as I put more polish on the UI.

If you are wanting to join the beta team you must first be a part of the Discord. Then in the #become-a-beta-tester channel simply post that you would like to join. I will give you the “Beta Tester” role which allows you access to some hidden channels. These have information for accessing the beta, and a way to report bugs to me.

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