Random RuneScape Moments #6 – “Things that Piss Me off”

We have another Random RuneScape Moments for you, this one is the sixth episode. It might be the last for awhile, I am getting kind of bored with RuneScape again. I stopped getting legit fights, and only have been getting people pile jumping, or interrupting fights, or running away.. It is getting annoying. Maybe with the Evolution of Combat update I might be more active again, but only time … Read more

Random RuneScape Moments #4 – “Got to Risk It!”

The fourth episode of Random RuneScape Moments is now uploaded. This episode is about risking, and getting those loots from all the hungry pkers out there. Hope you enjoy this, I already have the next one ready as well – so that will be out soon. If you want to see anything in particular, like higher risks, certain challenges, or anything you can think up. Just let me know … Read more