Poke-Cord and Things

As I mentioned in the last post, we started to ramp up the Discord server to cover some Pokémon Trading Card type stuff. We now have five different sections (and may add more as activity drives). There is a general space, a flex channel, deck list share, tournaments, and battles/trades. If you think we need some more channels just suggest in the general space (and tag me). If you … Read more

Time Keeps Going Poof!

Well… I am not sure how it went four months without a post. The work grind has been kind of chaos, so I think I’ve just been a zombie of sorts. Never able to truly disconnect from the work items. This is starting to get a bit better, but it is still kind of rough. Hopefully get back to normal sooner than later. The Pokémon trading cards have been … Read more

I Won a Giveaway! Plus Hitting Up a Con!

So on Twitter I have been randomly retweeting those Funko Pop giveaways.. For some reason, I thought they were not really giving them away (even though they are an official account)… well I randomly get a DM that sounded like a phish at first. Then I realized it was from the official Funko account. I sent over my details, and BAM! The pop shows up at my door. I … Read more

IRL Pokémon Tournaments!

On Saturday I went up to Black Swamp Games for an IRL Pokémon TCG Standard tournament (with Brilliant Stars being legal). I was toying around with bringing my Int++ deck (that I’ve shared before), but with Manaphy’s bench barrier in the mix I thought against it. So I put together a new deck based loosely on Michael Pramawat’s deck from the “$2,000 Brilliant Stars Tournament at Full Grip Games“.. … Read more

Brilliant Stars Pre-Release!

Well the new Pokémon TCG set Brilliant Stars just had the pre-release weekend. My local card shop had their tournament on Saturday night, and it was a blast! We had 13 people in this one. People had some great pulls in their kits (some little kiddo got the Eeeve character rare I want haha). I ended up going undefeated, and took first place! The prize ended up being a … Read more