Happy Halloween!

Well it is Halloween and it is one of my favorite times of the year. People get to dress up in costumes, go eat a bunch of candy, and party hard! I went all out this year and had four costumes. Since this is more of my blog, instead of just a gaming site now, I will show you my array of costumes. I was a Jester for this … Read more

MasterOmok vs Holy Wars – Episode 1

The new series is tentatively called “MasterOmok vs Holy Wars” – If you have suggestions for a new title, please post in the comments below! We are thinking about doing more than just f2p pking if I decide to get membership again. It could be some bossing, slayer, p2p pking, or other randomness. Mind you that’s if I feel like membership would be worth the extra money again.. Anyways … Read more

Random RuneScape Moments #12 & #13

Here are a few episodes of Random RuneScape Moments for you. Episode 12 has some clips from my pure “I Am Omok” for your enjoyment. Episode 13 is showing why we need a PJ timer already. A new series is in the works – “MasterOmok vs Holy Wars” – It is going to be some f2p battling between the two of us, with live commentary. The first episode should … Read more

Random RuneScape Moment #11 – “Way too Corrupt”

Have some corrupt clips here for you, sorry about the commentating haha. Episode twelve will be up on the 17th, and episode 13 is in the works. I am trying to get some variety for you guys, but I can only do so much on free to play. I am thinking about using my two week trial on “I Am Omok” and maybe get some p2p clips, but I … Read more

Random RuneScape Moments #9 & #10

I’ve been using the YouTube uploader for the last few Random RuneScape moments. Since I was out of town for a bit, I let it take over for my postings. In doing so, I missed a few posts on here (not sure who even comes here, but this is mostly for me in a sense). Anyways here are the last few episodes, and I think I have one scheduled … Read more