Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King

Got to carving a pumpkin today, and did a little Jack Skellington head. I was just watching the Nightmare Before Christmas the other night, and thought it would look great on a pumpkin.. Makes me want to do some more themed from the movie, so I might have to pick up some more to carve!

Halloween Fun..

Well I have only had one costume so far this year. I went out as Hunter S Thompson for some Saturday night shenanigans. I am thinking Thursday (actual Halloween day) I will be dressing up again, but not sure what costume yet. Enjoy the picture!

UT99 Maps coming soon.. But SMILE!

I have been rather busy and haven’t been able to get the maps compiled into archives yet. I wanted to make sure that I have all the required pieces included, and also wanting to have little notes and details on the maps. I even have thought about doing a YouTube walk through on some of the more popular maps to highlight features. Since I haven’t even played any UT … Read more

Halo 4, Halo 4, Halo 4.. Enough said!

So for those who didn’t know already, my Xbox came in on Friday. I have only played a handful of games, but slowly relearning my old ways. It is kind of a weird transition into Halo 4 from CoD:MW3. It seemed so sluggish at first, but I slowly am adapting back into the game. I will be purchasing an HD-PVR here soon, just trying to do some more research … Read more