How to Remove Death Streaks from MW3 Custom Classes

I have created a new YouTube video on how to remove death streaks from your MW3 custom classes. This would be useful if you are recording for a montage, or just random clips for showing off. It never looks good to have a death streak come up, so why not remove it completely. You can find the video on YouTube here, or watch it below. Don’t forget to like, comment, favorite and subscribe!

Text Tutorial:

  1. Call of Duty Elite Membership –
  2. Be at a level LESS than a death streak
  3. Use a Prestige token to unlock a death streak higher than your current level


  1. In game you will want to set your custom classes with the death streak that requires a level higher than your current level.
  2. Sign into Call of Duty Elite, and go to the custom classes section.
  3. Edit the custom class you wish to remove the death streak from.
  4. Go to the death streak tab, and you will notice that no death streak is currently selected, and that you cannot select the death steak you used the token to unlock.
  5. Hit select to save the changes to the custom class.
  6. Click send changes to game.
  7. Sign into your console and accept custom class changes.
  8. You have now removed your death streaks from your profiles!

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