Halo 4 at Midnight!

Anyways, at midnight we get the release of Halo 4. I am hoping that this one really lives up to the hype, and doesn’t fail like Reach did. Halo 2 is still hands down my favorite Halo, followed closely by Halo:CE. Halo 3 was all right, and I played it somewhat competitively but it didn’t keep me playing as much as the first two did.. And Halo Reach was not addicting whatsoever. I got bored of it pretty quick and switched to Call of Duty (since Halo 2 was removed from Live, and Halo 3 was dying as well). But Halo 4, I am looking forward to the release. Although I will not be getting the midnight release, just some time in the near future.

And my Xbox is still broken, so that is now making it to the top of my list of things to do. I am going to attempt to fix it, but if that fails I will most likely just buy a new one. I am trying to avoid that extra expense, but if it comes down to it I will have to go that route.

I will be looking into HD-PVRs so that I can get back on the video making scene. If Halo 4 is as good as I hope it to be, then you will see the old MasterOmok back into action. This time around though I have much better video skills and knowledge, so much better content coming soon.

Once the Xbox is fixed I will probably abandon RuneScape again, but I haven’t decided. I would much rather play Xbox games over RuneScape because my job has me in front of a computer for most of my day already. Expect more updates soon!

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