UT99 Maps coming soon.. But SMILE!

I have been rather busy and haven’t been able to get the maps compiled into archives yet. I wanted to make sure that I have all the required pieces included, and also wanting to have little notes and details on the maps. I even have thought about doing a YouTube walk through on some of the more popular maps to highlight features. Since I haven’t even played any UT since I installed it, it has taken me some time. I will try to have those posted shortly.

I have added a few plugins to make the site better. I have added emoticons to comments. Now you can spice up whatever comments you want to make with signs, UT animations, and randomness! Here is a small sample: :z_dots: :ut_slv: :z_game: :zhalo_flip: :z_pig: :z_noob: :ut_rocket: :z_dollar: :zhalo_pimp: :ut_bio:

Another plugin manages the YouTube videos so they adapt if they are resized as opposed to a fixed size. This will help all viewers, but mostly mobile ones.

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