More Emoticons, Because CHAOS!

Yep, more emoticons slash emojis slash little picture things! Enjoy, post comments, do that thing! :ze_cat: :cat_hipster: :cat_honey: :cat_angry: :cat_fight: :cat_cookie: :zim_bee: :zim_minimoooose: :zim_minipig: :zim_girdogthing: :zim_girtacohat: :zim_sir: :zim_meow: :zim_zombdog: :zim_brane: :zim_tallest: :zim_poopdog: :zim_poopdrink: :dat_bounce: :ze_cyborg: :pacmanghost: :whowho: :gg_rip:

Delays from other projects..

Still no new theme up yet! I was having some issues with a few items displaying the way I want, so more work needs done on the new theme. The biggest reason for delays are other projects taking up my time (and a bit of vacation here and there). One of those projects though is a brewery.. Yep, I am about to be making some brews with my buddies. … Read more