Minor Fixes, Theme Update, and RSGW Info!

Good news everyone! I have some error fixes going in that address some items (a lot are responsive issues and some minor errors). Hopefully this can tide people over until I launch the new theme. Speaking of the new theme – It’s looking nice on the test instance, but I am not sure I want to go live yet. I have restructured the whole site, new features coming, all sorts of goodies.. I can’t wait to release it, but I also don’t want it incomplete or broken in spots. Coming Soon™

The Random Smite God Wheel has some decisions to be made. I can either continue development on the responsive web version and delay apps for a long time. Or, I can start designing for a new system that would be a WebApp (website that also has native Android and iOS apps). The first route would be nice for the short term, but greatly limit the app progression (I would have to develop and maintain three code bases, over triple the development time / bugs / issues / headaches). The second route would be a few months out before a beta, but would have responsive web interface, Android app, and iOS app all released at the same time (web app coding means one code base, so develop once and tweak for the special cases). Leave some thoughts in the comments for me!

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