New Logo-ish, Things, and STUFF!

Well I got bored and switched up the logo a bit. I think I might make a few variations and set them to randomly select one. Use different emoji’s and such. Meow!



I also switched up the menu structure a bit. I got rid of some lesser content (only from the menu, it’s still there if you search and whatnot).

You’ll also notice “Other Sites” as part of the menu now.

  • Bru-Tang Brewing: My friends and I started brewing beer. Check out our work in progress home brewery!
  • Kinzey’s Kreations: My friend is a great artist, and trying to make a living doing what she loves. Give her site a visit and check out her work!
  • K-Dev, LLC: Need custom software, websites, or more? Check out my development company!

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