Sorry for lack of posting. My schedule has been complete chaos for a few months there, but hoping for things to be more “normal” now! I’ve been finding some time to work on the Random Smite God app. We are now on version 1.0.14. I accepted quite a bit more people into the private beta to help figure out some server impact of use. I am working on getting all of the items updated from the new season, but all the gods are on there now. After some more server testing I will be opening up to the public (trying to calculate costs of things on my end to pay for servers).

If you are not a part of it already, please check out the Discord channel. This is the best way to stay in touch, as well as giving feedback on the app.

Also, I’ve been hit by the spam bots of death it seems. I have to clear hundreds of comments manually that are relentless. I am going to find a paid route to deal this ugly spam.. woof! More updates as things get worked on.

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