Where to Begin?!

Sorry about being missing in action lately.. SO MUCH has been going on, and I have not been able to make time for all these “extra” items on my plate. My priority list has been family, contract work, and various “must do” items. Preparing to open Bru-Tang Brewing has also ate up a lot of time with researching various items and getting things ready. PoGo Findlay has also taken up a lot more time than I expected. I am trying to off load various PoGo Findlay items to other leadership members in hopes to free up more of my time.

The Random God Smite App has basically been on hold (as far as releases). I have been working on coding some major code changes, and that has caused me to not be able to update the new gods. I have some major in progress changes that I am not ready to deploy (needs finished and tested). With the code that is currently deployed I cannot release the new gods due to the new pantheon (unless I incorrectly put them in a different pantheon). So I basically am stuck until I am able to finish this major rewrite portion. I really need to make some time to get these out as soon as possible, but too many items must get completed first. I hope to provide a better timeline soon.

For now I am going to continue to knock out this high priority items and try to lessen the items on my plate. Keep on keeping on!

12 thoughts on “Where to Begin?!”

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  2. We can’t really control those things that come and became our priority. Highly understandable. Just make sure the time with family is always quality no matter how busy we are.


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