Broke Top 1000 rank HC Dom, and Clueless..

Well I was able to get the Clueless Operation at a big cost to my kill death ratio haha. I think I added a good 500 deaths to get those 200 kills! But I am so much better after doing that challenge, it makes you play completely different. Also, I was able to break top 1000 rank for Hardcore Domination! This will probably be short lived as it is … Read more

2nd Prestige and Ranked in Hardcore Domination

Well this weekend I hit my second prestige! I am working along on the third, but I have seven squad members bought already. I am looking for a team that does Clan Wars – I really would like to get the camos and bonus XP. At the least I would like to find some hardcore domination players. I just got under rank 1600 last night, it will most likely … Read more

Ghosts Squad Assault is legit!

Well Ghosts is both fun and frustrating. I have already unlocked a six mam squad, and ran them in Squad assault a bit. It’s kind of fun doing one on one with AI. I’ve been enjoying hard core kill confirmed the most so far. I’m having a hard time getting high streaks though. I really need to get an elgato to start recording my game play though!

Call of Duty Ghosts Released!

Well last night was the midnight release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. I drove by Game Stop where I have my reservation around 9pm and the line already wrapped around the building.. I decided to go home, play some Black Ops 2, and call it an early night (I work early morning anyways). I will be picking up my copy some time today, probably at lunch time. I did … Read more

How to Remove Death Streaks from MW3 Custom Classes

I have created a new YouTube video on how to remove death streaks from your MW3 custom classes. This would be useful if you are recording for a montage, or just random clips for showing off. It never looks good to have a death streak come up, so why not remove it completely. You can find the video on YouTube here, or watch it below. Don’t forget to like, … Read more