MasterOmok vs Holy Wars – Episode 2

We were trying to get more fights in before the EoC happened on the 20th, but world 57 went offline after we had a few fights. It locked our characters as still logged into the game, and we weren’t able to get some extra fights in. Enjoy the few clips and some shenanigans of the pre-EoC.. Next episode will be some EoC battles most likely, so stay tuned!

MasterOmok vs Holy Wars – Episode 1

The new series is tentatively called “MasterOmok vs Holy Wars” – If you have suggestions for a new title, please post in the comments below! We are thinking about doing more than just f2p pking if I decide to get membership again. It could be some bossing, slayer, p2p pking, or other randomness. Mind you that’s if I feel like membership would be worth the extra money again.. Anyways … Read more