Smite Random Clips!

Here are a few random Smite clips for your enjoyment! Don’t forget about the Smite Random God Wheel. I just added a few more diamond cards, and Ao Kaung will be available right as he is released! 11/17/14 +Added Vulcan Diamond Card +Added Thanatos Diamond Card

More God Skin Cards w00t

More skin cards have been added to the Smite Random God Wheel! A few are new, and a few were just missing. All skins in game are now on the wheel, enjoy! 11/07/14 +Added Ra Solar Sentinel Card +Added Kali Convention 2013 Card +Added Kali Trophy Hunter Card +Added Agni Volcanic Card +Added Agni Infernal Card +Added Rama Orbital Strike Card +Added He Bo The Sydney Shredder Card

Smite Wheel Updates

More additions to the Smite Random God Wheel. A new god, new cards, and an updated card! 10/29/14: +Added Nox to wheel +Added Nox Default Card +Added Nox Crimson Eclipse Card +Added Cabrakan Gold Card +Added Nu Wa Water Dancer Card +Updated Fenrir Frostfang Card

Random Smite God Chooser

This is a little project I am working on to replace the terrible wheel we were using before. I am adding features and flair as time goes on, so it could always be different the next time you use it. Please give feedback on the wheel page: Random Smite God Wheel