Random RuneScape Moments #9 & #10

I’ve been using the YouTube uploader for the last few Random RuneScape moments. Since I was out of town for a bit, I let it take over for my postings. In doing so, I missed a few posts on here (not sure who even comes here, but this is mostly for me in a sense). Anyways here are the last few episodes, and I think I have one scheduled … Read more

Random RuneScape Moments #8 – “Drop it like it’s hooooot..”

Did a drop party the other day to try and get some RuneScape attention on my channel. I didn’t record all of it, but most the clips are in the video below. You also get the bonus of some random commentary from yours truly. I already have recorded and commentated over Random RuneScape moments 9, 10, and 11. Episode 9 is scheduled to upload tomorrow at 4:00pm EST, episode … Read more

Random RuneScape Moments #7 – “Get corrupted!”

I decided to have some fun in the wild on my main. Might be doing some more like this, some higher risks, different weapons. My membership ends tomorrow, and I am thinking about just staying free to play. Get some different corrupted k/o’s and other random goodies for you guys. Hope you enjoy, suggest some (f2p) setups you would like me to try. I also might be doing some … Read more

Random RuneScape Moments #6 – “Things that Piss Me off”

We have another Random RuneScape Moments for you, this one is the sixth episode. It might be the last for awhile, I am getting kind of bored with RuneScape again. I stopped getting legit fights, and only have been getting people pile jumping, or interrupting fights, or running away.. It is getting annoying. Maybe with the Evolution of Combat update I might be more active again, but only time … Read more