Building Phase..

I realize not too many people will be visiting this page for now. Eventually this site will have good flow of viewers again, but I don’t suspect I will reach that until Halo 4 is released. Until then, I am going to be building up my website in preparation. I am going to be purchasing an HD-PVR so I can start recording my games again. I also need to purchase a new wireless adapter for my Xbox (Currently I have to run a huge cord to my xbox, so you will actually see me online more). I also have some other things on the “To-Do” list. One of the big ones is a looking back video, where I will go back looking at my Halo history showing some random clips and discussing them. I also want to start recording more footage, and getting my YouTube presence larger. I hope to find a way to put my old montages on YouTube without risking Copyright marks. This will either require getting permissions for all my songs I used, or figuring out some other way around this issue. Anyways, I have a lot of ideas to make this big again – only time will tell!

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