Lost and Found: Old Halo Content

I’ve been searching through my many storage devices, and found some of the old Halo content from back in the day. There is a TON of it – I am talking ridiculous amounts, but a lot of it is not worth re-posting. I am going to go through it in random bursts, and release it back onto the web over time. Keep in mind I was a lot younger when these were recorded – so some of the editing, quality, and so forth is not to my current standards.

Of all the old content, I’ve been asked the most about my Halo 2 montages. I thought that it would be best to release those first, and slowly roll out my glitching videos over time. Check those out now in the “Old Halo Content” section!

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Old Halo Content”

  1. Wow, I’ve been going to your site(s) since 2004ish, good times! I’m guessing the old halo content isn’t up yet? Because I click the links and I get sent to some web hosting site :/

    • Sorry SoulKeeperX, I thought I had them uploaded. I am glad you are still around though! This host is giving me some issues, so I am going to put them on YouTube – which is better for a lot of reasons. Should be uploaded soon, a news post will follow once it is done.


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