Vulpine Mission Clan

I’ve been posting on the forums over at, one thing lead to another, and I am now a member of the clan! I plan on doing mapping and some fragging time to time. There are no time requirements, so this should be fun. I will mostly be on the RX server, but they have many.

Server 1 is running the following of my maps: CTF-(mo)-BioBeer-Wars, CTF-(mo)-Gushers-SF, CTF-(mo)-Room-o-Spam, CTF-(mo)-Room-That-Spams, CTF-(mo)-Footballz, and CTF-(mo)-White-Fight

I am not sure if any of the other servers have my maps, but check out any of their five below!

=(V)= Server 1: Rocket-X

=(V)= Server 2: Mixed Gametyles

=(V)= Server 3: Monster Hunt

=(V)= Server 4: Bunny Tracks

=(V)= Server 5: Siege Xtreme

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