Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

A new Hearthstone Adventure came out today, Blackrock Mountain! I already had the pre-order, but can now finally play. I hope to get out some Clip of the Moments here soon! Stay tuned!

Blackrock Mountain


Well, that did not take long.. I was able to beat all three people in the first wing on my first try.. I was playing on my laptop so no video for this run, but I might record some walkthroughs for all three since I somehow was able to counter them all without much thought.

For Coren Direbew I used a Priest deck loaded with high value minions, lots of buff spells, and removal spells. Worked like a charm when he kept pulling out the big boys, and was no match for the priest spells.

For High Justice Grimstone I used my Boom Boom Mage deck. It’s somewhat aggro somewhat control. He coined into Lorewalker Cho, and it was game over when I loaded his hand win low mana spells. He burned a lot of his legendary cards on turn draws, and was a decent match.

For Emperor Thaurissan, I used my KKTHXBAI Pali Deck. It’s pretty close to Nookain’s Shockadin deck, so it’s face, face, and some more hitting face.. Turn 5 for a flawless win! Just check the screenshot below.

Emperor Thaurissan

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  1. Nice! First try is always fun because you feel like a hardass, but then you get sad that it’s over so quickly!


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