New Contract, Wheel Things, and More!

So I have started up a new contract, and my hours available for the Random God Smite app have gone way down.. I still am working on the final mobile display issues, random relics, and some other features. Once these final pieces are locked down, then I will open registration to the public! This change will roll us into the Public Beta phase (which will still be web only … Read more

Paladin Deck – LOLKKTHXBAI

I thought I would post my current Paladin deck for Hearthstone. It is aggro, so hitting face is key. I will be updating the description as I test it out some more. Don’t be surpirsed if it changes up a lot as I go. Testing out some different cards to see what works best with the current meta. Enjoy!

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

A new Hearthstone Adventure came out today, Blackrock Mountain! I already had the pre-order, but can now finally play. I hope to get out some Clip of the Moments here soon! Stay tuned! ================== UPDATE 09:27 PM ================== Well, that did not take long.. I was able to beat all three people in the first wing on my first try.. I was playing on my laptop so no video … Read more