Words and Wheel Things

Where does the time go? I have not been up to much more than work, brewing beer, and being a dad. My gaming is still just mobile for now. My wife, baby, and sometimes the doggo go on daily walks for exercise and Pokemon Go. During baby feedings I squeeze in some Clash of Clans and Clash Royale matches. There is just not much time to get the real games in!

I have not played any Smite for months now… and it looks like I missed a new god being released (again). Baron Samedi is now on that Random Smite God Wheel! Maybe I will plan some time to Smite it up, but for now I am stuck with minimal mobile gaming.

+Added Baron Samedi to wheel
+Added Baron Samedi Default Card
+Added Baron Samedi Golden Card
+Added Baron Samedi Red Rum Card

Baron Samedi Baron Samedi Baron Samedi

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