Smite Wheel Update and a Discord Channel!

I have finally had some time to work on the new webapp version of the Smite wheel! Not exactly sure when I will start to let people use that, but keep your eyes on the blog posts, on my twitter, or even the new Discord (more details on the discord in this post). I have more time this week that I will be pumping into that code. I am really excited to ditch the wheel!

Thanks to cornoratu in the comments for the heads up on the Ravana change. Ravana is no longer a warrior, and is now an assassin! I have done a quick update to the Random Smite God Wheel to reflect that change.

+Ravana moved from Warrior to Assassin category

I have created a Discord channel for my website. I figured this would be easier to get feedback once the webapp version of the Smite wheel goes live. Channels will start to get filled in as we need them, and may be a bit before we get many users in there. Those that join early could be considered mods once they are needed, so join us already!

More things coming soon as I expand out the website to more games and content!

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