Gaming Updates, Beta, and Discord Info!

Gaming updates: I’ve been playing lots of Pokemon GO lately. I love how this games helps me stay active. We have a growing local community (PoGo Findlay) doing a bunch of cool stuff too. Having the generation 4 mons start to drop has made the game even more exciting. I have played a smidgen of Black Ops 4 on my Xbox here are there (mainly nights after baby is asleep, or a quick lunch match). I haven’t been able to touch Smite for a long time, but I have been wrapping up the beta for the webapp of the Random Smite God Wheel.

Looking to get in on early access to the Random Smite God Wheel WebApp? To join the beta team you must first be a part of the Discord channel. Then in the #become-a-beta-tester channel simply post that you would like to join. Currently I am planning on private beta release for 10/26/2018 (tomorrow)!

Speaking of the Discord channel, we’ve started up “Pokecord” that allows you to catch Pokemon and all sorts of stuff as a text based game. The mons will spawn across random channels. There is a #pokecord-commands channel for things like shop and info on your mons. If people like it this will stick around, but just testing it out for now.

I want to get into more frequent postings, and grow the discord channel. Keep your eyes on the twitter and discord to see what’s going on!

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  1. Black ops one of the best gaming series i ever loved playing on PC. A whole different world then modren warfare. i liked the way they bend the storyline of the game and i remember i had a pc playing black-ops II and when they launched black ops III the spec it needed i wasn’t able to play the game and then i bought a graphic card recently and enjoy the game and now waiting for black ops IV. I don’t kinda liked robot in the game and i wished that they just brought some mission in the game like they had one in Asia in black ops II.


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