Must Open All The Packs!

I won’t lie.. I am addicted to opening Pokémon cards (again.. or did it ever really go away haha).. I am sure you can all tell from the videos going up on my YouTube channel. Even Lil’ Oak is addicted (and cutting into the packs I get to open haha). She also has an addiction to Pokémon stuff in general (like the plushies I posted on Twitter):

I’ve been working on some websites through my K-Dev, LLC business. Not sure if I will share that through here, but just more of an FYI why I am not having a lot of time to work on the Random God Smite App. If I could get myself out of bed just an hour earlier each day that would probably be less of an issue (but I already spend a looot of time on my computer).

Now here’s some random highlights of the videos I’ve posted recently (as there were many more posted than this).. check out the last two as I snagged a holographic XY Evolutions Charizard and a Shining Fates Shiny Charizard VMAX.. HUGE HITS FOR ME (CAAAPSLOCK)!

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